Do you want to assemble our drones yourself? We will be providing all the documentation here.
This is our list of all of the guides you'll be eventually able to find here:
1. Instructions on CPS 5 from scratch
2. Standard kit instructions
3. Preassembled kit instructions
4. Printing guide
5. Software installation guide on every device
6. Preflight check
7. Quick start guide
8. Operation manual
+ a whole genre of how to edit the design guides (adding additional features in the model, in the software and electronics)  


The overview of the entire CPS project, explaining the function and structure of each main component. In order to understand why CPS 5 looks and functions like it does, we encourage you to read the overview.


3 part assembly instructions that guide you how to create the CPS 5. 

1st part – from scratch, ending on the standard kit

2nd part – from the standard kit to the pre-assembled kit

3rd part – from the pre-assembled kit to the assembled drone

Available by beggining of July


All of the models of the CPS 5, including parts for 3D printing.

We’ll eventually include a STEP file, STLs and gcodes.

Version Alpha v0.2 is a STEP file that includes the shell model, Camera Tilting System, main electronics and even the motors. Right now it requires only some cosmetic updates for easy assembly. You can open it in modeling programs such as Autodesk Fusion 360, Solidworks etc.

Alpha v0.2


In order to download the the app for your device, go to the GitHub link. You can also access the source code for the ArduPilot there.

If you want to get the latest software for your CPS 5, download the SD image and upload onto the SD card that you put into the Raspberry Pi.


SD image v0.1