If you have some experience in electronics and hardware design or you are willing to learn it along the way of the assembly, we suggest to choose this option.

You will still receive all of the parts of the drone, along with some basic tools. Soldering will be a part of the assembly process.

Order realisation time: 6 weeks


If you have no experience in electronics and/or general hardware assembly, you will still be able to assemble this kit. In this way, you will also understand the inner workings of CPS 5.

You will receive all of the necessary components of the drone. They will be already preassembled, so that no soldering is needed. You’ll use only basic tools.

Order realisation time: 6 weeks


If you don’t want to touch any internal parts of the drone, this is the option for you.

It is a complete drone with all parts already assembled and ready to swim.

Order realisation time: 6 weeks


– 100m depth 

The drone is tested to the pressure of 100m water depth, which is (fun fact) over 2 times the average depth of Earth’s lakes.

– tilting camera

Low light capable camera, that is additionally able to tilt up and down, providing more recording angles and close inspection possibility. (1080p@30fps, IMX291 sensor, video formats: .mov .mp4 .mkv)

– self leveling

Self leveling provides satisfying, predictable and responsive movement, which makes CPS 5 easy to use even for an absolute beginner.

– depth hold

Combined with the self leveling mode it enables swimming in an extremely stable position.

– lights

Front facing lights that allow swimming in very dark environments. 2x 3W LEDs (TBD) 

– 1h battery life

Battery allowing for over an 1h of swimming (6x 18650)


– main body

     – the camera with its tilting system

     – main electronics (Raspberry Pi 4, drivers, IMU, depth sensors)

     – 5 thrusters (designed for salt water)

     – 3D printed shell (optional). Dimensions: 230x384x102mm

– tether

30m neutrally bouyant, ROV grade tether. (optional 100m)

– base station

A devide that is connected to the other end of the tether and connects wirelessly to your phone or computer.

– controller

A separate device used to steer the drone that connects to the phone/computer.


– 3D printing

The drone is designed in such a way, that the entire shell as well as propellers can be easily swapped. You can print your own shell in any color you like, as well as redesign and assemble an entire different structure.

– tether length

Since you may need a longer tether, we provide an option for a 100m tether for additional 160USD.

– camera

The specifications of the camera could also be customised with a special request, since all of our cameras need to be tested and the tilting system needs to be designed for specific models.